Creating Change, but Make it Fashion



Gone are the days when we used clothes merely for their functionality. Whether it’s the subtle statements Duchess Kate Middleton makes with her gorgeous gowns on foreign tours, or whether it’s the graphic t-shirts influencers rock on the streets, our use of clothes to showcase aspects of our personality or communicate our values needs no introduction. The choices we make as buyers are immensely powerful; driving social change for the better is reliant upon the moves we make within the economic domain of our societies. Making deliberate choices when it comes to fashion purchases in particular has an added advantage – not only do we enable shifts in socioeconomic power dynamics, we also spark conversations in the process because, in most cases, our fashion purchases are out there for everyone to see.

At wear:change, we are intimately appreciative of this power of mindful fashion choices. That we donate all profits from our sales to the charities and NGOs we partner with is a core tenet of our venture. But more importantly, all our products are intended to be conversation starters. Donning your wear:change buys is sure to facilitate meaningful conversation with like-minded individuals about the cause you choose to espouse. Furthermore, our products are not limited to a single cause – so whether you are a feminist, a climate activist, a wildlife enthusiast, or a human rights warrior, there’s something for everybody at wear:change. Here’s the lowdown on the three lines we currently have up for grabs: 



1. The FIGHT HUNGER line – wear:change’s debut line, FIGHT HUNGER has been designed in partnership with the Million Meals Mission. MMM works towards raising awareness about hunger and food insecurity around the world, while channeling donations towards meals for distressed communities. If this is a crisis that is close to your heart, consider supporting MMM by buying our FIGHT HUNGER line. Every mask from the line contributes 10 meals to the impoverished, every t-shirt 40 meals, and every hoodie 70 meals. This line is also reflective of our advocacy of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) 2 – Zero hunger. The fight against starvation is an ongoing battle, and one that we’re very proud to be fighting.




2. The WILDLIFE line – wear:change’s second line, WILDLIFE is a collaboration with the Think Wildlife Foundation. TWF’s work is focused on highlighting the devastating loss of global biodiversity as a result of human-made issues like pollution, poaching, deforestation, etc. If you’re someone who loves animals more than humans, put your money where your mouth is by backing TWF through purchases of our WILDLIFE line. Proceeds from the line will be used by TWF to initiate projects such as tree plantations and stray rescues. Besides, this line is a demonstration of the impact even a small group of individuals can make towards the progress of UN SDGs 14 and 15 – Life below water and Life on land respectively. Rise and speak up for the ones without a voice.




3. The CANCER line – wear:change’s newest line, CANCER is a fundraiser for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude’s efforts against cancer are an indication of their understanding that the disease affects much more than patients; entire families and communities are hung in the balance too. If this is a cause that’s close to your heart, buy our CANCER line to aid St. Jude, its patients, and their loved ones. Donations will go towards treatments, accommodations, counselling, food, and research. Through this line, we’re also striving to further UN SDG 3 – Good health and well-being. Fighting against cancer is an uphill battle, and we’re so humbled by our privilege to be able to participate.

And that’s it from us for now. We’d love feedback from you about our blogs – feel free to let us know through any of our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest). Thank you for supporting us, our causes, and our partners as much as you already have. We’re counting on you to keep the flame aglow. Onwards and upwards!

TL, DR: Our buying choices hold enormous power, so let’s make sure we use that power to start conversations and rally for causes that will change our world.