Who We Are

The Team

Samay Bansal - Co-Founder/President

From Singapore. Senior at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. 

I created wear:change to offer people an opportunity to represent causes they are passionate about 'on their sleeves'. Fashion sparks exciting conversations and I want our customers to proudly wear our merchandise and speak about the causes they care about. Through this business, I also plan on offering non-profit organisations a way to expand their reach and increase their fundraising efforts through non-traditional platforms.

Shanaya Ramchandini - Co-Founder/CEO

From Singapore, Mumbai. In her penultimate year at the University of Melbourne.

Choosing one NGO or cause to support has always been difficult for me. Creating wear:change allowed me to provide people like myself with the opportunity to support numerous causes that they deeply care about. Our fashionable, minimalistic, and impactful products are designed to spark important conversations, or even just get people thinking! Our products can be worn anywhere, anytime and by anyone. We present a unique way of giving back to the community, and I hope our buyers love the concept as much as we do!

Rhia Bansal - COO

From Singapore. Incoming Freshman at Northeastern University.

My interest in wear:change stemmed after hearing about the organisation's initiative. I found it to be an intriguing platform for raising awareness, as it encourages curiosity in the people who buy our products, as well as the people who engage with them. Through wear:change, I hope to provide non-profit organisations with a wider domain to increase their funds.

Noyna Roy - VP of Social Media and Sustainability

From India, Singapore. Freshman at Barnard College, Columbia University.

wear:change’s mission to drive change and enable conversations through fashion aligns with my core belief: to be a changemaker. By supporting non-profit organisations, this is our way of giving to others and spreading a message. I aim to make the brand as environmentally friendly as possible to play our part in fostering a sustainable future.

Prakhar Bansal - Content Producer

From Singapore. Incoming Freshman and Photographer.

When I heard about wear:change, I thought getting involved would be the perfect way to balance my love for photography and my increasing interest in working with a non-profit organisation. I'm looking forward to using my skills to support a meaninful cause and can't wait to see how far it goes!

Meher Bhagat - VP of Partnerships

From Singapore. Freshman at University of New South Wales.

In light of Covid 19 and all the adverse global repercussions out of our control, the one thing we could take charge of is how we impacted the world. This is what drew me to wear:change, it was an opportunity to make a difference both in our community with locally sold products to raise awareness and worldwide from the extensive reach of the NGOs we partner with. wear:change emulates finding ways to make positive CHANGE even in challenging times. Searching for the positive in each situation is something I truly believe in and I hope to help grow our partnerships and expand our reach with wear:change.

Ishika Arora - VP of Marketing & Social Media

From Singapore, India. Incoming Junior at the University of Toronto

In today’s times as the world goes through an unprecedented turmoil, I was inspired by the vision that the founding team at wear:change had set out to achieve. As a future citizen of this world, I believe that change begins with each and every one of us. The fact that wear:change is a business with a purpose, contributes to society, creates awareness, sparks conversation and changes the fundamental tenets of business were some of the reasons that motivated me to join the team.