Sustainable Living in Singapore with wear:change

2020 was the year we woke up. The year we changed everything. Hopefully!
The global pandemic, where a microscopic organism upturned our lives, is a wake-up call for change. Today on our blog, we are going to talk about living sustainably in our Garden City, Singapore. This list of 10 is the perfect way to start your journey to minimize your environmental impact, reduce your carbon emissions, and get closer to nature. 



1. Spend time in nature
According to the biophilia hypothesis, humans are inherently predisposed to be attracted to nature. We need to ground ourselves in nature to attain spiritual relief. To truly understand this connection, spend time in nature! If you feel Botanic Gardens is a bit manicured, with perfectly shaped hedges and cut grass, there are many nature parks scattered around the island. Looking for a picnic area? MacRitchie Nature Trail is the answer! They even have kayaks if you want to splash around in the water. Looking for the perfect bird and animal viewing spot? Spend your day spotting monitor lizards and egrets at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Want to get off the main island and immerse yourself in nature? Spend your day cycling around Pulau Ubin. A short boat ride from the main island, this smaller island is gorgeous and has idyllic hiking trails. 

2. Opt for public transportation
We are really lucky to have such efficient, safe, and clean public transportation and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Plan your journey on Google Maps and take the extra few minutes to switch from Grabs to MRT/Buses. Not only are you reducing your personal carbon footprint, but it is also cost-effective! Wouldn’t you rather buy boba in your reusable cup instead? 


3. Utilize the local waste management resources
Singapore also has terrific waste management resources, from the blue bins for recyclables to the green e-waste collection bins at community centres (CC) and schools. Take the time to segregate your dry waste, and compost your wet waste. The potted trees in your household THRIVE on crushed eggshells, coffee beans, and tea leaves.

4. Save water (and $$$) with thimbles
As a country that imports 40% of our water, every drop counts. PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, supplies Water Saving Kits for free. These kits have informative stickers and a set of thimbles that you attach to the spout of your water tap. This reduces your water waste and your water bill. 


5. Carry reusables
Reusable water bottles, straws, cutlery, containers, and shopping bags are the solution to reducing your personal plastic waste. Plastic and styrofoam are two packaging materials that will break down and pollute our life cycles and planet for hundreds of years. Protect marine life by carrying your reusables whenever you DABAO (Singaporean slang for “take away”).

6. Shop local groceries & eat at home
Importing all our food contributes to the Singaporean carbon footprint for Singapore, and the country has recently increased their investments in growing local. From vegetables to sustainably farmed fish, you can play your part in reducing our national carbon footprint through what you eat. Plus, by buying groceries, you can finally manifest your inner chef and start cooking for yourself and your loved ones. Save money & save the planet! 


7. Grow your own greens
If you have a green thumb or have always wanted to become a “Plant Mom”, this is your chance! Consider investing in a small garden. Grow your own microgreens in seed trays, mushrooms with home mushroom farm kits, and herbs! It is a joy to see your little seeds transform into food that nourishes you!

8. Recycle your contact lens blisters
As a contact lens user, I always felt guilty whenever I threw away my contact lens blisters. Daily use contacts create a significant amount of single-use plastic waste. A local company, Two of Kind, launched Project 2x2, which collects contact lens blisters from all companies and recycles them back into raw material. Sign up on the website for the envelopes. It is as simple as, Collect, Mail, Recycles! 


9. Switch to fans & change your AC temperature
Singapore is a tropical paradise, from luscious green trees to colourful biodiversity, however, it comes with a cost: humidity and high temperatures. Instead of switching on the AC in the day time, consider investing in a fan. However, if you use the AC at night, increase the temperature to 22-23˚C, this is the ambient temperature for humans. A single degree increase in the AC saves money and reduces emissions.

10. Thrift/Support local businesses
Fashion is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, plastic waste, and all sorts of pollution. Thrifting has come back into fashion amongst millennials and gen-Zs. By donating your clothes, or buying second hand, you are increasing its lifecycle. Lastly, support local businesses! They work hard to provide good quality products without exploiting the environment or society. PSA: wear:change has a WILDLIFE line that donates 100% of our profits to the NGO Think Wildlife Foundation (TWF). They are dedicated to raising awareness and supporting organizations that promote biodiversity conservation.


This is our planet, it is time we start changing our lifestyles and respect our Mother Earth. Join us, as we wear the change and save our world.